Cannabis Resources

Cannabis has many medical benefits, and the public needs better resources to understand the latest research and get growing tips and advice.

Last Chance Asylum provides current, reliable medical cannabis research, education, information, and resources. Explore top articles below or visit the website to learn more.

Educational Articles on Cannabis

Smoke Flower versus Vaporizer

All cannabis and marijuana smokers debate whether to smoke cannabis flower or a vape, vaporizer, like a Volcano. Fortunately, there is fully conducted science to help decide the debate.

How to Grow from Cannabis Seeds to Weed

A growing environment is essential in determining seed genetics, the single most important determinant of good weed. Growers have the choice of two growing mediums — hydroponics or soil.

Cultivating Perfectly Dry Weed

How can you tell if your weed is dry enough to finish trimming and begin curing? If the cure is too wet, the weed could mold. If the cure is too dry, your weed will smoke harsh. Get the perfect dry every time with these tips.

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